Assistive technology resources

How do you know what AT your student might need?

Image of the Virginia AT Consideration Guide.

Determining the assistive technology (AT) that may benefit your student is a team decision. Use the Virginia AT Consideration Guide to assist in determining what AT is best for your student.

Image of the Virginia AT Resource Guide

Check out the Virginia AT Resources Guide for ideas and strategies to support students with assistive technology (AT) needs.

Image of AT Tools in Schools booklet

This AT Tools in Schools booklet (available in English and Spanish) is designed to support professionals and families in understanding assistive technology (AT) and identifying possible AT tools for students from preschool through high school.


What AT tools are available to support students?

The following are some assistive technology tools that may be helpful in supporting students with specific needs in your mathematics classroom. Many of these tools can be found in the Low Tech Tools for Inclusive Education (LoTTIE) kits which are available for checkout from the T/TAC lending library. Here is a list of mathematics manipulatives available for loan from the TTAC library  TTAC Library Math Manipulatives - 2020 update.pdf


  • Modified paper (bold line, enlarged, raised line, graph paper)

Image 1 of 4. Image of large grid graph paper with blue grid lines.  Image 2 of 4. Image of graph paper showing uses for multiplication, expanded numbers, subtraction and addition.  Image 3 of 4 showing blank graph paper with numbers on  x/y axis  Image 4 of 4 showing using of graph paper to provide visual representation of decimals.   

  • There are many different adapted calculators to meet your student’s unique needs: Calculator with auditory output, Calculator with large display, Calculator with large keypad, Calculator with embossed output (Braille N Speak), Digital device with on-screen calculator, Graphing calculator software (accessible graphing calculator)

Image 1 of 3. Jumbo low vision talking calculator  Image 2 of 3. Desmos Graphing Calculator | Best Science Apps  Image 3 of 3. Picture on iPad and phone with calculator on screen calculator displayed.

  • Adapted math manipulatives (enlarged, textured, etc.)

 Image 1 of 4. FlexiTables for decimals, percents and fractions  Image 2 of 4. READY 2 LEARN Number and Sign Stamps - Small - Set of 15 - Rubber Math  Stamps for Kids - Numbers 0-9  Image 2 of 4 Fraction STAX Set  Image 4 of 4. Algebra Tiles Classroom Kit

  • Adapted measuring devices (devices with speech output, large print display, or tactile output)

Image 1 of 4. Picture of a coinulator used for counting money.  Image 3 of 4. Picture of a master ruler showing layers on each part of the ruler  Image 3 of 4. Oversized Tactile Low Vision Short Ring Timer with Stand


Are you looking for more AT resources?

The following provides you with links to some assistive technology resources that may be helpful in supporting students with specific needs in your mathematics classroom. Many of these tools could also be provided to all students as a Universal Design for Learning strategy.


Want more information on AT?

For more information on assistive technology, check out the Assistive Technology section of our website.