Topic areas



Evidence-based practices, tools, and resources for educators and parents in the area of reading

Assistive technology

Support for the development and ongoing growth of assistive technology teams 

Autism spectrum disorder

Tools for educators, administrators and parents working to improve services for students with ASD


Support for school personnel and service providers to meet the behavioral needs of children and youth with disabilities

Early childhood

Evidence-based practices used in the field of early intervention, early childhood education and early childhood special education

Inclusive practice

Ways in which students with disabilities may access the general education curriculum in their school

Intellectual disabilities

Strategies for promoting meaningful instruction and post-school outcomes for people with intellectual disabilities


Equity is the provision of personalized resources needed for all individuals to reach common goals. In other words, the goals and expectations are the same for all students, but the supports needed to achieve those goals depends on the students’ needs (Equity Education, 2019).