Social and emotional learning resources

Virginia Department of Education’s Social Emotional Learning (VDOE SEL)

Each title below is available from our T/TAC lending library

  • Benson, J. (2021). Improve every lesson plan with SEL. ASCD.
  • Hannigan, J.D. (2020). SEL from a distance: Tools and processes for anytime, anywhere. Corwin.
  • Frey, N. (2019). All learning is social and emotional: Helping students develop essential skills for the classroom and beyond. ASCD.
  • Merrell, K.W. (2010). Social and emotional learning in the classroom: Promoting mental health and academic success. Guilford Press.
  • Tantillo Philibert, C. (2017). Everyday SEL in early childhood: Integrating social-emotional learning and mindfulness into your classroom. Routledge.