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The Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at Virginia Commonwealth University offers a variety of services tailored to assist personnel in schools, interagency coontendent’s Regions 1 and 8.

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The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is a part of the statewide network of T/TACs across Virginia and a participating member of the online community T/TACOnline. The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is also a part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities, a member of the national University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and the VCU School of Education.

Long-term commitments - Teams of specialists work with schools on identified areas of improvement, creating programmatic change over a three-to-five year period. Priority is given to schools that are warned under the Virginia School Standards of Accreditation and to VDOE state-directed project initiatives.

Information Services Information is provided regarding specific disabilities, current practices and recent research practices.

Linked peer assistance - Opportunities are provided to observe exemplary programs and receive mentor services.

Newsletter - TTAC distributes a monthly e-news blast, TTAC Topics during the school year and includes information on current practices, assistive technology reviews, legislative updates, library holdings, workshops and conferences. To sign up to receive our monthly newsletter click here.

Consultation - Consultations are provided by phone, e-mail, site visits and T/TAC based visits to personnel in schools that are warned and early childhood programs.

Lending Library - Libraries located in Region 1 and Region 8 offices offer a variety of materials available for a six-week lending period. These materials include books, videotapes, assessment instruments and curricula.

Technology Lab - The technology lab lends various assistive technology materials--including switches, adaptive toys, augmentative communication devices, computer software and computer peripherals--for a three-week period. Some equipment may be borrowed for an extended loan period. Technology specialists provide assistance in the selection and use of these materials.

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