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The Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at Virginia Commonwealth University offers a variety of services tailored to assist personnel in schools, interagency coontendent’s Regions 1 and 8.

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The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is a part of the statewide network of T/TACs across Virginia and a participating member of the online community T/TACOnline. The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is also a part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities, a member of the national University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities and the VCU School of Education.

Long-term commitments - Teams of specialists work with schools on identified areas of improvement, creating programmatic change over a three-to-five year period. Priority is given to schools that are warned under the Virginia School Standards of Accreditation and to VDOE state-directed project initiatives.

Information Services Information is provided regarding specific disabilities, current practices and recent research practices.

Linked peer assistance - Opportunities are provided to observe exemplary programs and receive mentor services.

Consultation - Consultations are provided by phone, e-mail, site visits and T/TAC based visits to personnel in schools that are warned and early childhood programs.

Lending Library - Libraries located in Region 1 and Region 8 offices offer a variety of materials available for a six-week lending period. These materials include books, DVD's, assessment instruments and curricula.

Technology Lab - The technology lab lends various assistive technology materials--including switches, adaptive toys, augmentative communication devices, computer software and computer peripherals--for a three-week period. Some equipment may be borrowed for an extended loan period. Technology specialists provide assistance in the selection and use of these materials.