Inclusive practice

The Virginia Department of Education acknowledges there is no single, formal definition of “inclusive practices.” Because of this, the VDOE TTAC at VCU developed the following description to guide their work.

Inclusive practices is a philosophy focused on including all students in the educational experience. School divisions employing inclusive practices work to create a school-wide culture where all students feel a part of the larger community. Inclusive practices seek to include students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment while providing the necessary accommodations, modifications, and specially designed instruction to meet their developmental, functional, physical, social-emotional, and academic needs.

In addition, the VDOE TTAC at VCU developed the following sample of instructional practices for an inclusive setting.

Sample Instructional Practices 

In 2019, the Virginia Department of Education published the “K-12 Inclusive Practices Guide.” Please refer to this documentation for guidance.