What do families need to know about AT?

Students, their families and caregivers often are the greatest advocates for AT use. Including students and families in AT decision-making ensures that student preferences are honored, and increases the likelihood that the device(s) will be a good match to the student’s needs. When students and families have knowledge about AT and how it can be used, they are better advocates for its use in school and at home.

Students and families should be invited to participate in the AT decision-making process, to take part in AT trials and to learn to use the devices. Also, it is important for families to be involved at critical decision points in the student’s educational life to help make the most effective AT decisions. Some of these critical decision points include:

  • Transitioning from early intervention to preschool
  • Transitioning from preschool to school-age programs
  • Times when curriculum and testing decisions are made
  • Every annual IEP meeting
  • Post-high school transition planning