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“According to major reports by the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine, children who attend well-planned high-quality early childhood programs in which curriculum aims are specified and integrated across the domains tend to learn more and are better prepared to master the complex demands of formal schooling. While no single curriculum has been found to be superior, the reports’ recommendations call for addressing cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development as mutually supportive areas that require active attention in the preschool years.”

Fulfilling the Promise Preschool (2009), National Association of State Boards of Education

Below is a sample of several curricula available in the TTAC library. Technical support and training are available to early childhood teachers and administrators for the purpose of implementation and on-going support. If you have questions related to any of the curricula that we have in our library, please feel free to contact one of our program specialists.


Picture of creative curriculum book The Creative Curriculum
Picture of High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum book High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum

Picture of Oral Language and Early Literacy for Preschool book


Oral Language and Early Literacy for Preschool

Picture of AEPS book

AEPS: Assessment,Evaluation and Programming System for Infants and Childre

Milestones of Childhood Development:


Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning:


Virginia’s Preschool Curriculum Review Rubric and Planning Tool


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