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Simply put, behavior is an action that is observable and measurable, reactionary, and functional – it serves a purpose. The behaviors we choose to engage in result from numerous factors such as outside influences, the environment we are in at the time, emotions we may still be feeling from previous interactions or experiences, our current health and any stress we are under.  Additionally, rapport and relationships with those around us often gauges the behaviors we choose to demonstrate, along with previous experiences and cultural expectations. Numerous factors are involved in shaping behaviors. Understanding the importance of identifying how each of these factors play a role in the behavior being demonstrated is a key step in attempting to reshape behaviors.


Resources to assist in furthering your understanding of behavior are listed below:


University of Kentucky: Behavior Home Page


ParentCenterHub: A list of resources available describing behaviors and specific disabilities

http://www.parentcenterhub.org/repository/behavior-atschool/ - disabilities


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