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This page is divided into two sections. The first contains examples of physical structure while the second section pertains to independent work areas.

Physical Structure

In this picture we would like to draw your attention to the tape placed on the floor. The teacher in this classroom has taught her students that the tape is a boundary for individual centers.
This is a vocational work area that is structured so that the student knows what work is expected.
In this picture we would like to draw your attention to the book cases that are used as physical boundaries for the students.
Notice how the teacher has set up the room so there is a physical boundary around the computer area to eliminate distraction to other students.

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Independent Structures

In this picture please notice that the tasks to be completed are on the left and the “finished” basket is placed on the right. Also notice that the work area is free of distractions.
The work station on the right is distraction free with work to be completed on the left and a finished basket on the right. Students who are less distractible may be able to work in closer proximity.
This work area is very similar to the two previous ones. Instead of matching numbers or colors for a work system, this student gets the task labeled first, second and third.
Although this independent work area appears to be identical to the other ones on this page, we would like for you to notice that the top shelf is covered. This is so other tasks can be stored out of sight of the student. Also notice this child has a choice board to choose from when his work is completed. It is displayed on the red sheet of paper in front of his desk.

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