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Featured Speakers

This year we were able to bring in national speakers in the field of assistive technology, as well as a variety of commercial workshops and exhibits highlighting assistive technology products and their use. Please see below forhandoutsfrom the "Playing with Technology - Keeping it Practical" session.

Dan Keplinger


Dan is an artist, painter and a writer. He is the subject and writer of the Academy Award-winning documentary King Gimp, which follows Dan's life as he discovers his voice through art. Dan is a national speaker sought out by diverse groups such as federal and state agencies, corporations and disability organizations.

Here isa sample of Dan'€™s art.

Dan Herlihy


Dan has been in the education field for over 24 years working in wilderness programs for at-risk students, special education classrooms, as a computer resource specialist, a network administrator, and currently as a private consultant providing training and professional development to school systems.

Caroline Musselwhite

Caroline is an assistive technology specialist with more than 30 years of experience working with children and adolescents with severe disabilities in a variety of settings. For more information, visithttp:// www.aacintervention.com

Susan Stokes

Susan is the Autism Coordinator for Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) 6. She has specialized in the area of autism spectrum disorder as both a speech/language pathologist and autism consultant for over 20 years.

Patricia Walsh-Cassidy

Patty is a speech-language pathologist. She has worked with students with significant special needs for over 20 years providing augmentative communication and assistive technology support. She has presented at national conferences and taught at other local colleges regarding augmentative communication and assistive technology.

Dale Gardner-Fox

Dale is an assistive technology specialist who has lectured nationally on a range of topics including facilitating movement, accessing technology and specifically on using two-switch scanning. She has worked in a school environment for more than 30 years first as a physical therapist and then as an AT consultant.

Nancy J. Hogan

Nancy is a high school teacher and member of the assistive technology team for Agawam Public School in Massachusetts. Nancy has worked with students who have severe special needs for over 25 years. She specializes in working with students with communication and access issues. She has presented at national conferences and lectured at colleges regarding technology in education.

Handouts from "Playing with Technology - Keeping it Practical"

Here are the handouts from the session. Due to resource constraints they are here in the original format, so they may not be accessible for everyone.

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