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The VDOE TTAC at VCU distributes a monthly e-news blast, TTAC Topics, during the school year.  It includes information on current practices, assistive technology reviews, legislative updates, library holdings, workshops and conferences.  To sign up to receive our monthly newsletter click here.

September 2017

  • Co-Teaching and Specially Designed Instruction: What does it look like?
  • Scripting, An evidence based practice for students with Autism
  • Collective teacher efficacy
  • TTAC welcomes new staff

May 2017

  • Put me first: The importance of people first language
  • Evidence-based intervention to develop executive skills
  • Creating classroom communities
  • Library resource: The educator's guide to solving common behavior problems

April 2017

  • Helping teens develop executive skills
  • Dealing with end of the year stress
  • Multisensory instruction encourages deeper understanding
  • Library resource: Making number talks matter

March 2017

  • What's all the buzz with self-regulation?
  • Individualized professional development
  • Library resource: A "5" could make me lose control!

February 2017

  • Positive to negative feedback ratio
  • Benefits of cursive writing
  • Focus on library materials: Differentiated instruction

January 2017

  • Got problem behavior?
  • Let's get talking: Supporting language growth in students who use augmentative and alternative communication(AAC)
  • Manipulatives in English class?

December 2016

  • Building vocabulary in mathematics
  • Get a positive grip and "ditch the clip"
  • Creative Curriculum available for checkout in the library

November 2016

  • The 2x10 strategy: A simple way to build student relationships
  • Five effective features of classroom management
  • Independent workstations help increase independence in students with autism
  • TTAC welcomes new staff 

October 2016

  • Creating a calming corner for your classroom
  • Developing fine motor skills in young children
  • Self-guided professional development opportunities for early childhood educators
  • TTAC welcomes new staff

September 2016

  • Starting the school year off building self-determination skills
  • It's game time (Using the Zoning strategy in preschool classrooms)
  • Spotlight on library materials:  Book kits available for checkout

May 2016

  • Designing an inclusive preschool curriculum to address individual learning needs
  • Supporting summer reading for all students
  • Spotlight on library materials: Classroom management: Routines and procedures

March/April 2016

  • Implementing activity sequencing and offering choice to enhance student motivation
  • Differentiating instruction benefits all students
  • Spotlight on library materials: The STAR program for students on the autism spectrum  

February 2016

  • Visual Literacy in the secondary classroom
  • Consider teaching a learning strategy for writing
  • Division of Early Childhood (DEC) recommends practice for enhancing services to young children with disabilitis and their families

January 2016

  • Using opportunities to respond to engage learners
  • How do you know it's time to teach a learning strategy?
  • A tool for your toolbox to motivate tough students

December 2015

  • Motivating students through effective questioning
  • Low tech tools: A resource at your fingertips
  • Library spotlight: Notebook foldables

November 2015

  • Free and low cost web tools for reading and writing
  • Gaining insight and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders is a click away
  • Planning for the transition to kindergarten

October 2015

  • Student choice: An effective strategy to improve behavior in the classroom
  • Early childhood book study kits
  • New material for children birth to age 6

September 2015

  • A new school year begins
  • Teaching math using CRA
  • Strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities

June 2015

  • ADA celebrates 25 years
  • Learning continues in the summer
  • Free summer curriculum for ESY students

May 2015

  • New resources on AAC assessment and intervention
  • Online resources for educators
  • Resources to improve reading

April 2015

  • Give your students a brain break
  • Executive function skills lead to success
  • Check out our AT library resources

March 2015

  • Improve student outcomes and confidence in math
  • Get rolling with strategy instruction
  • Using Peer Assisten Learning Strategies (PALS) in the classroom

February 2015

  • Reduce learner helplessness
  • Free tools for struggling learners
  • Learning math concepts begins in early childhood

January 2015

  • Tier 2 PBIS supports: Are we there yet?
  • Expulsion and suspension policies in early childhood setting
  • Resources for spring SOL preparation for secondary math

December 2014

  • O.A.R., a valuable resource for autism
  • TechKnowledgy
  • Check out our behavior resource kits

November 2014

  • Intensive interventions: A teacher's toolkit
  • Co-teaching demonstration sites
  • Resources for developing inclusive preschool environments

October 2014

  • Solve IT! A practical approach to teaching mathematical problem solving skills
  • I'm Determined
  • Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS)

September 2014

  • Give those brains a break
  • Resources for students with TBI
  • Book study kits available for checkout